A beautiful lawn requires some care. A little sun, a little mowing, and usually, a great irrigation system. Keeping your sprinkler systems up and running in the spring and summer months means taking care of them in the winter months as well.  It is important to winterize your sprinkler systems every fall. Draining the water lines for an irrigation system prevents freezing and bursting, just as it does in any outside faucet. 

Some sprinkler systems have an automatic drain, which is perfect. Most homeowners will not need to do anything more than make sure their outside plumbing is winterized. For those homeowners who have manual shut off of the sprinkler system’s valve,  many choose to have a plumber handle this task, as well as turn it back on again in the spring.  It is important to note, that when turning it back on it the spring, it must be done slowly to prevent damage to the system due to a buildup of water.  If you are a new homeowner with a sprinkler system, we’d be happy to come out, take a look and make sure your system is ready to be winterized or good to go, depending on the season. 

That Plumber proudly provides lawn irrigation maintenance in Stark and Summit counties, and surrounding areas. 

That Plumber was able to completely replace the drain trap and water lines under my kitchen sink in our circa 1930 home in under an hour. I appreciate the way Jason was able to get the entire job done, cleaned up, and had our sink useable again so quickly!
Megan J. Minerva, Ohio
Came out on an emergency call to fix a broken water line that was connected to our washer. Water was everywhere and we had to turn off the main water line to the house. It wasn’t a call we wanted to make at 11p.m. on a Friday night but we didn’t have a choice. Fixed in less than an hour. Jay and his crew are the best! We trust them and they do awesome work.
Grace H. Akron, Ohio
That Plumber (Jason) did an excellent job getting our clogged drain open and flowing. I highly recommend him for your drain cleaning needs. Thank you Jason for a job well done!
Chet N. Jackson Township, Ohio
Called today to make an appointment, and Jason was able to come out this evening!! Snaked our bathroom sink drain no problem and saved us from almost replacing the pipe with another company! I’m so glad I called! Great prices, wonderful customer service and honest! I highly recommend!!
Misty A. North Canton, Ohio



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