7 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Handyman

A man's thumbs up in front of an array of handyman tools on tableWe’ve all been there, one by one, you put off little house projects until before you know it, you’ve got one out-of-hand project that you can’t do alone. Once you get to that point (or let’s be honest, before), it’s time to hire a handyman. Finding the perfect one for your project, no 
matter how big or small, shouldn’t be taken lightly. You want someone you can completely trust no matter the service for your home

To ensure your home is properly taken care of, do your research and keep your options open when hiring a handyman. Going with the first one you find may lead to more harm than good. As an expert team of handymen ourselves, we came up with seven questions to ask before 
hiring a handyman to find the right handyman for you. 

“Do you have any local references?” 

Not all handymen have an online business listing. If that’s the case, we strongly advise asking your potential handyman for a list of local references from real customers. If they’re a great handyman, they’ll gladly do so and have a good number of great reviews. 

“What type of work are you able to do?” 

Not every handyman is a jack-of-all-trades — even if they claim to be. If you have a long list of services needed, it’s important you find out if your handyman can check off all those boxes correctly. We promise your future self will thank you when your handyman shows up ready to execute every single project the first time around. 

“Do you charge by the hour or by the project?”

The way your handyman charges will vary from person to person. Some charge by the hour while others charge depending on the service. Always confirm how a handyman charges before hiring him to make sure you’re being charged a fair price with no surprises. 

“Do you have liability insurance?” 

If you ask a potential handyman anything, this is the question to ask. Without liability insurance, you will be entirely liable for any injuries that occur on the job. It’s also crucial in case they accidentally cause damage to your property, ensuring they can pay for it. By asking 
this question, you’re protecting yourself and your property. 

“When should I expect your work to be done?”

When paying for any service, it’s crucial to get an accurate project timeline. Some projects may take longer than you initially expected. Transparency from the beginning will ensure all parties have the exact expectations. An experienced handyman will be honest from the get-go and will be upfront about any delays along the way. 

“Will you be working alone or bringing a team?” 

It’s always a good idea to ask a handyman if he’ll be working alone or bringing a few people with him. That way you’ll know how many people to expect in your home with no surprises. 

“Do you have a work guarantee?” 

A work guarantee should always be covered in a written contract. No matter how good your handyman is, there’s still a chance for installation errors or issues down the road. You’ll want to know if something needs to be fixed again and if they’ll come back and do it themselves. You don’t want to find out from something breaking and calling your handyman to ask him to come back. 

Never worry about hiring the right handyman

At That Plumber, our team of expert handymen offer a variety of handyman services. Our courteous, professional team will be happy to review your project, no matter the size, and provide an estimate. 

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